Steps in the digital storytelling process

The approach to digital storytelling (DST)  outlined in this handbook is based primarily on a process developed for a specific project in Bosnia. While the approach sits within the DST tradition, and the sequencing of story development and many of the elements are not particular to this process, some of the choices of exercises are the preference of these individual trainers. There are many different ways of approaching DST, and we hope what follows will give readers a clear sense of the overall method, while not prescribing specific details.

The process of digital storytelling

DST is a learning, creating and sharing experience supported by technology through which a particular issue is explored and articulated. Through the digital storytelling workshop process participants will complete a digital story that is 2-3 minutes in length, made up of about 20-25 images and has a script length of about one page, double-spaced.

The following guide provides some organising principles that can support this process, and is broken up into the following sections:

The film ‘I Am Allowed’ provides insight into this process from the experience of participants being trained as facilitators in a transformative storytelling programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina called Citizen engagement through visual participatory processes (MDPi, OWPSEE, IDS 2013).

I Am Allowed: Training Digital Storytellers from MDP Inicijative Doboj on Vimeo.