What are the methods for transformative storytelling?

Digital storytelling for transformation and participatory video are two methods that can be used independently or in combination with one another.  They can be adapted and applied in different ways depending on the circumstances and objectives of the project, provided that the underlying foundations of the approach remain strong.


Collective stories of 'women working behind the wall' were told in Occupied Palestine using Participatory Video: MEND 2013

Collective stories of ‘women working behind the wall’ were told in Occupied Palestine using Participatory Video: MEND 2013

  • Personal storytelling through digital stories: Digital storytelling is a learning, creating and sharing experience supported by technology, allowing participants to share aspects of their life story through the creation of their own short digital media production. Find out how!
  • Moving from individual to collective storytelling: Digital stories can be used as a springboard for a participatory video process, and as a way of moving from very personal, individual work, towards a group storytelling project. Central to this shift is a process of reflection and analysis of digital stories by the storytellers themselves. Find out how!
  • Collective storytelling through participatory video: Together, participants discuss and agree a narrative for the film(s) they want to make and go on to produce these films.  It is an empowering process, enabling people to take action for solving their own problems and communicating this to decision-makers, their communities and the wider public. Find out how!