Participate, digital storytelling facilitator training, Abuja


Hosted by Participate network member, The Theatre for Development Centre in Abuja, Nigeria the workshop brought together 5 organisations from across the 18 member network. Over 5 days the training took participants through a process of producing their own digital story and built their capacity to implement the process themselves. Concrete plans for implementation of digital storytelling activities were developed during the workshop.

The aim of of this workshop was to explore the power of mutual learning between global participatory network members in methodological exchange and innovation.

[DST workshop with iPads 4 day agenda]



  • Methodological conversations: The workshop brought together participatory practitioners with diverse experiences to strengthen the digital storytelling process – including skills in other methods of creative expression such as theatre for development and participatory photography.
  • The process also contributed to network building, growing solidarity and and partnerships for social action between members of Participate’s network.

Participant story – Professor Jenkeri Okwori

Theatre is Sunlight is the film Jenks made when he was a participant in the Participate2015 training workshop for digital storytelling facilitators.

Through his work on good governance and accountability with the Theatre for Development Centre in Nigeria Prof. Jenkeri went on to run a digital storytelling process, The Theatre for Development Centre used their experience with drama to support creative expression in the storytelling process. Dramatic scenes were enacted to help participants have creative input to their stories, and to enable a safe environment for exploring the issues.

Mardhiyyah Abbas is a film from this process hosted by participate2015 on Vimeo.