Personal to Collective Narrative through Visual Power Analysis

Personal to Collective Narrative through Visual Power Analysis: Issues of Power, Representation and Ethics. A Prezi by Thea Shahrokh and Joanna Wheeler

This Prezi documents work we have been developing in South Africa on role of collective action in addressing sexual and gender-based violence.

We worked through a digital storytelling process with the local citizen activists. The DST approach enabled participants to share their experiences about their attempts to address violence in their lives and what happened. The telling/sharing of these stories aimed to enable self-recognition of personal agency and also highlighted what needs to be addressed in order to address sexual and gendered violence within the township and what accountability actors are involved. The DST process transitioned into a collaborative video approach. The individual experiences described through the stories were explored and analysed using a power lens. This supported translation from individual accounts into collective narratives on how stakeholders in addressing sexual and gender violence could respond to the experiences of citizens, and how citizens themselves seek to address the issue.

The Prezi highlights tensions within storytelling  for social change highlighting the political nature of the process.