An online handbook, a forum for conceptual reflections, practical experiences, and methodological guidance on transformative creative and visual storytelling methods.

Transformative storytelling approaches

Creative storytelling approaches combine a participatory, collaborative methodology with the creative use of technology to generate stories aimed at catalysing action on pressing social issues.

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Participatory and visual

Stories are produced through collaborative processes, in which participants and facilitators work together and they include different creative forms of communication and expression

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The methods

Digital storytelling for transformation and participatory video are two methods that can be used independently or in combination with one another.

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Good practice

Storytellers have ownership of the stories that they produce and must have the ability to make informed choices about workshop participation and the content, production, and use of their work.

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Supporting resources

Handouts, examples from practice, links to creative storytelling initiatives, blogs and articles.

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Open your eyes, your mind and your heart and experience the honesty and truth of transformative storytelling.


Personal stories open a personal connection between different people. The audience can respond with empathy because the storyteller openly shares their emotions.


Using stories to promote empowerment and social justice engages with the complexity of processes of social change and their transformative potential. 

Today, Danijel is an activist.

He speaks of the courage and strength his new-found LGBTIQA ‘family’ have given him. It is this combined experience of family – old and new – that has driven Danijel to establish “Queer Montenegro”, an LTGBIQA association that supports the gay community and works to find legal solutions that recognise same-sex families in Montenegro.


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Transformative Storytelling for Social Change